One of the biggest problems facing all of us is procrastination. Typically we think of it as putting things off. In truth, procrastination is the process whereby we find legitimate, necessary things to do rather than address a larger, perhaps disagreeable task.

Procrastination isn’t laziness. It is the habit of doing something else in lieu of the required activity.

Peter Southwood said that an internal martial artist must be like an assassin who never kills and a thief who never steals.
This is a strange and paradoxical idea.
The answer is simple: possessing the skills is one thing, employing them wisely is another.
Chinese martial arts are filled with mysteries and ‘dark’ skills.
It is our responsibility to make the right choice when it comes to using them.

Taijiquan can help

Avoid/offset the common problems associated with modern life:

• Stress
• Memory loss
• Lack of mindfulness
• Low energy
• Reduced sex drive
• No peace of mind
• Diminished brain activity
• Poor focus/concentration
• Sarcopenia (muscle loss with aging)
• Reduced joint function
• Unbalanced/unsteady
• Bad circulation
• Heart problems
• Respiratory problems
• Poor lower body strength
• Imbalanced body use
• Reduced stamina and endurance
• Deeply-held muscular tension
• Poor awareness
• Restlessness
• Poor sleep
• Agitation
• Limited flexibility/suppleness
• Bad coordination
• Not relaxed
• Bad poise and posture
• Slouching
• Too much sitting
• Obesity
• Arthritis
• Reduced mobility
• Back problems
• Knee problems
• Unfit
• Poor condition
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Sports injuries

Medical research has proven that a small daily commitment to taijiquan practice can produce tremendous results over time.

We had an incident this week concerning a tai chi for health student and stick practice. Sifu Waller thought that the student was unfit to do weapons work and the student disagreed. The student wouldn’t let the matter drop so Sifu Waller acted. There is now no martial component whatsoever in the tai chi for health syllabus.

Sifu Waller has no surviving enemies.

I spent most of yesterday exploring and discussing ‘dynamic tension’ with my husband. It was another example of him chucking some new consideration into my training which completely upsets the apple cart. He does this frequently.

Sifu Waller is patient but there is always a sense of vast depths of untapped knowledge which he will share with you as and when you approach the capacity to comprehend. Humbling.

Procrastination isn’t a problem when we are talking about gardening or washing the car. However, when it comes to our health, there really is no tomorrow.

So many people imagine that they will one day eat healthily, improve their mental health and become physically fit. But they genuinely believe that they just don’t have the time. And so it never happens.
The folly lies with believing that you can eat well and become healthy on top of your existing lifestyle. In truth, there has to be a trade off in terms of time. You must give something up in order to make space in your life. Less TV, less time in bed, whatever…